Guide to types of big pipe

HOBAS is a successful international company that ensures potable water gets to hobas jacking pipeits consumers safely and maintains the proper discharge of wastewater. HOBAS is the leading provider of flexible high-performance pipe systems. In addition, it manufactures and markets HOBAS CC GRP (commonly known as Centrifugally Cast Glass-fiber Reinforced Plastics) pipe systems and at the same time supplies advance production technology.  
Consistently over the years, HOBAS Australia has never failed to produce the best pipes that have been preferred by water authorities all throughout the country. The steady breakthrough in technology has provided HOBAS pipe the chance to prove itself—with its high quality—that it can be the best investment for you.

Jacking Pipes
These sorts of pipes are guaranteed to be of consistently superior quality. Because of its smooth and non-absorbing exterior surfaces, very tight tolerance and lighter weight construction, a Jacking Pipe is guaranteed to go through very minimal jacking loads. The lathe cut square ends and natural material durability or resiliency both mean HOBAS Pipes transfer jacking loads with better distribution than any other product there is-- thereby resulting in the highest reliability available. And take note-- only HOBAS pipes can be jacked without the need to use timbre spacer rings (they are usually considered the weak link in most jacking pipes)!

GRP Pipes – Glass Reinforced Polyester Pipes
Also known as Reinforced Plastic Morter (RPM) pipes, the GRP pipes have been widely used in Australia and many other countries where corrosion resistant pipes are much in demand at relatively reasonable prices. They can be used as lining materials for typical pipes that are susceptible to corrosion.

So then, what makes GRP Pipes so special? Well, aside from being lightweight and easy to handle, they are corrosion-free and have been tested and proven to resist acidic types of environment in water and sewage systems. Furthermore, GRP pipes are made to resist external and internal types of corrosion-- whether the corrosion mechanism is chemical or galvanic in nature.

Main applications include transportation of potable water, fire-fighting, irrigation, seawater, desalinated water, and chemical and industrial wastes. GRP pipes are manufactured in nominal and inner diameters ranging from DN 80 to DN 4000 mm, and in lengths of more than 6 meters.

NC Pipes - Non-Circular Pipes
HOBAS NC (non-circular pipes) are made of glass-reinforced polyester (GRP) and designed for constructing or rehabilitating non-circular sewers. The HOBAS NC pipe offers an ideal and cost-effective solution for non-circular sewer rehabilitation. These pipes can be specially produced to fit inside the old sewer, and can be made in virtually any shape.

NC pipes offer fast structural solutions to sewerage rehabilitation. The pipes are typically installed using a simple push-to-fit EDPM rubber ring joint. In many cases, the flow and capacity of the sewer are enhanced through the increased hydraulic efficiency of the HOBAS GRP.

Characteristically, these pipes come in egg and ovoid shapes or box cross-sections. Interflow has a range of liners for revitalization of deteriorated non-circular pipes that normally depends on the shapes and sizes of the pipelines.


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