Aussie Camper Trailers

Learning all about campers, and what they can be used for

camper trailer in bush 4wdSo what comes across your mind when you hear these words-- camper trailers? Don’t they just ring a bell? Of course, the thought of it is much associated with nothing else but travelling or camping trips. Having that said, before we even get to the “climax”, we must first create a “plot”. We are just going to dig the basics of this special type of vehicle.

What Exactly Is a Camper Trailer?

A Camper trailer is a relatively small travel trailer that can be towed using just about any type of automobile (trucks or cars—doesn’t matter!). Sometimes referred to as a pop-up, they feature a combination of wood or metal base built with canvas stretched over a collapsible frame. When one is about to reach a campsite, the canvas is unfolded and the frame snapped into place on the base, essentially creating a tent that is suspended off the ground.

The camper trailer is considered an ideal option for a weekend get-away and other short solo or family trips. As long as the camp area can be accessed through a main road, the trailer can be towed to the site and set up very quickly. Trailers of this type usually have enough room for at least two people to sleep comfortably as soon as the canvas is deployed. Thanks to the base of the trailer, it is very possible to use sleeping bags or even inflatable mattresses with ease.

On top of that, since the tent of the camper trailer is usually lifted off the ground, you can stop worrying about getting attacked by a bear or a finding a Tasmanian devil sleeping next to you! This is very important especially when you plan to take your young children along on a trip over the weekend.

Camping trailers of today, such as those available from GIC Campers are much simpler compared to other travel options, yet the fact sticks out that they have remained to be a practical idea of going on a holiday for they often come in package of equipment like small refrigerator, fans, and other electrical devices that bring comfort or convenience to your trip! Just as long as a power source is available at the campsite, your devices can be plugged in and operated for as long as you need them.

How About Off-Road Camper Trailers?
Do you want to get something for your ‘’not so demanding’’ family who very much wants to get off the beaten track but still enjoy a little luxury? Then an off-road camper trailer from manufacturer like might be a brilliant idea for you! It is fully decked out for comfort camping in style. This type of caravan will let you get into some never-before-seen country.

Here are some helpful tips on how to pick the perfect off-road camper trailer for you without ripping your eyeballs:

How Old Is It?
There are certain off-road camper trailers that are only a couple of years old but already look like they’ve been around for a decade. If you are looking at an older second hand camper, you have to expect some wear and tear. Just be wary of campers that look so used. You want nothing less than making sure you get a perfectly conditioned camper trailer for your money.

No Matter What Happens, Stick to Your Budget!
When negotiating, a lot of people just tend to use their heart and not their head. When they find themselves fancying a certain camper trailer, and are not willing to let it go, they can’t help but pay what is being asked.

Bear in mind, the main reason why people are selling their second hand off-road camper trailers is because they don’t need them anymore. They should be the ones to do negotiations- NOT YOU! Therefore, you should use that to your advantage to be able to set a maximum price, and walk away if they cannot meet what you ask of them. It’s as simple as that.


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