With 301 redirects, you need not worry so much when you make changes to your web address

There are many businesses 301 redirects signin which changes have to be made to the websites very frequently. To quote a few examples, businesses that deal with travel and hotel accommodations, real estate and so on may have to keep updating the details on their websites. In a few other businesses, the owners themselves effect changes on their websites or they host a new website instead of the old one. In certain cases, businesses feel the necessity to change their websites or launch a new one because there may be changed circumstances in the market or the industry. Their competitors may have adopted a new strategy and these businesses may have felt the necessity to respond suitably.

If you are an entrepreneur, you may decide to effect a few changes on your website also. If you have separate websites for each of your product or service, you may decide to combine all of them and have a consolidated website or if you have a consolidated website for several products, you may feel that it is better to have separate websites for each product. You may decide to add a few pages to your existing website or remove a few from it. But, whatever may be the changes you effect including launching of a new website or substituting the old website with a new one, you should use redirects. There are many redirects available in the market. Many of these redirects proclaim from the rooftops that they are the best and that their services are the best. But, among all these redirects, 301 redirects are the most reputed and highly recommended, which you can read more about at

By using 301 redirects, you enable and inform the search engines that there are changes in your website or a new site has been launched or an old site has been replaced with a new one, etc. So, the visitors to your old site will automatically get diverted to the new website. By deciding to use 301 redirects, you can be sure that the search engines will get the information that your website has permanently changed or moved. The very meaning of the code 301 in search engine parlance is "moved permanently". The browser's URL is changed to the domain to which it is being redirected which is also called the "redirect domain". The visitor will get automatic access to the web content on the new domain. In other words, you are making your transition smooth by using this 301 redirect.

The concept that is adopted in 301 redirects is known as Htaccess and this concept is responsible for your smooth transition. Visitors will automatically get diverted to the new website or to the redirect website. So, you need not have any fear that the number of visits to your site will come down if you make such changes or launch a new site. If you compare the effects of 301 redirect with other redirects, the number of visitors is found to come down in the case of other redirects. This means that you will be able to retain the search engine magic with the help of 301 redirects.

Setting up a 301 redirect for small changes is quite easy but for major changes or modifications, the process is a little difficult. In fact, this redirect is recommended even by Google, the most popular Search Engine.


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